Travel hacking. What is it and what are the two ‘secret’ ways you can do it?

What is Travel Hacking? You’ve heard of house hacking but what is travel hacking? This is not a new concept as its conception was the frequent flyer program in the 1970s. The basic idea is to take advantage of a travel situation to make it more cost-effective. Especially to earn free flights, hotels, and rental Read More

5 simple ways to become zero-waste and save money!

Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money does not appear to be a tandem team but they can be. The zero-waste movement may seem like a fad but most of our ancestors were zero-waste. It has only been in the last couple of centuries that our waste is becoming unreal.  Fortunately, these are simple ways Read More

5 financial habits of early retirees

Have you ever wondered what it takes to retire early? Remember, retiring early does not mean 30 years old. Even retiring at 50 is retiring early. Since the retirement age is sometime after 60. Since any age before 60 is retiring early, anyone on just about any income can do it. Have little to no Read More