Travel hacking. What is it and what are the two ‘secret’ ways you can do it?

What is Travel Hacking? You’ve heard of house hacking but what is travel hacking? This is not a new concept as its conception was the frequent flyer program in the 1970s. The basic idea is to take advantage of a travel situation to make it more cost-effective. Especially to earn free flights, hotels, and rental Read More

5 things I do not buy since moving to Sweden

Clothes, not including outerwear. I do not buy most types of clothes here, aside from coats and jackets. I am from a warm climate, so the availability of a heavy winter coat is very low. Unless I order from Amazon and to be honest, I decided to wait until I got here to at least Read More

You should study in Europe. Knowledge from someone pursuing a Ph.D.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, some of which might help you study in Europe, by making life easier. I am an American. I am pursuing my Ph. D. in Sweden. Why did I decide to study in Europe? It came down to two things: finding a university that would help me reach my research Read More