9 Millennial spending habits that are financial wastes

Financial waste is where money is not used intentionally. This is where money slips through the cracks of your budget. Figuring out where these cracks are will help your budget as every dollar/pound/euro/ will have a job. This is an updated version of the ones I have seen in the past. Especially since many people Read More

5 simple ways to become zero-waste or minimalist and save money!

Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money do not appear to be a tandem team but they very well can be. Buy and sell second-hand goods. I can honestly make an entire post exclusively about this topic. However, the idea is that you sell the goods you are no longer using and instead of throwing Read More

7 ways to reach FIRE on a low income

Become debt-free. Especially all high-interest and/or depreciating debt. This should be the primary goal of those trying to reach FIRE because if the interest on your debt is 10% and you are earning 8% returns on your portfolio you are still out 2%. Cut grocery costs. As a foodie, this is a little difficult, but Read More