Don Udos Hotel review – Copan Ruinas, Honduras [Not an ad]

I have mentioned before that I visited Honduras and I made a stop at the Mayan Ruins. We stayed in the nearby town called Copan Ruinas, which lies in a mountainous range and is about 10 minutes away from the ruins. We ended up staying at Hotel Don Udos, which was recommended by another family Read More

Medical Tourism. What is it?

In the basic sense, it is when people travel abroad to seek medical treatment. Typically to less-developed countries. These countries tend to offer similar services but at a lower cost. This is widely done in the U.S. particularly of recent immigrants who still have familial ties to the old country. Medical tourism can work in Read More

Need new furniture? Check out the dumpster first

Or the recycling bins in your area. Other advice is to check out the nearby thrift or discount stores but nothing really beats free. A lot of great pieces get thrown out instead of sold or donated. This is especially true in college towns. Several stories of great items being thrown out are found in Read More

Credit cards are not the enemy

It is impulse buying and racking up credit card debt that are the enemy. They can be a great tool if used properly. There are pros and cons to everything but it matters how you use it, just as anything can be weapon if you try hard enough. There are a growing number of people Read More

How to prepare for a recession – 5 ways I will prepare

Disclaimer: * This may contain affiliate links* I’m not a licensed investment adviser. Also, I’m not a tax adviser and this is not tax advice nor investment advice. Please talk to a licensed investment adviser before making any financial decisions. Please talk to a licensed tax advisor before making any tax decisions. Recessions are a Read More