The cashless society is a war on the impoverished

*Disclaimer: May contain ads or affiliate links* The topic of a cashless society has been met with tension, especially in the U.S. Whole cities are banning cashless stores, which Amazon experienced in Philadelphia. The rise of these cashless stores negatively affect individuals who do not or cannot have bank accounts, especially senior citizens, and minorities. Read More

How to teach your children financial literacy

Disclaimer: * This may contain affiliate links* I’m not a licensed investment adviser. Also, I’m not a tax adviser and this is NOT tax advice and not investment advice. Please talk to a licensed investment adviser before making any financial decisions. Please talk to a licensed tax advisor before making any tax decisions. “Do not Read More

6 facts about Honduras that the news does not say

People are kind and helpful. If you ask for directions, they’ll point you the way. People smile a lot. Especially when you make eye contact. A bit strange coming from Sweden, where if you smile at people they think there is something wrong with you. Not everywhere is dangerous. It is only in certain areas, Read More