Christmas Market at Drottningholm Palace – Stockholm

*Disclaimer: This article may contain links to other articles or webpages and affiliate links or codes. This past weekend was one of the many Christmas Markets in Stockholm. They were everywhere- Gamla Stan, Kungsträdgården, and Drottningholm Palace. I visited the latter this weekend. I have been to the others in previous years and I did Read More

6 facts about Honduras that the news does not say

People are kind and helpful. If you ask for directions, they’ll point you the way. People smile a lot. Especially when you make eye contact. A bit strange coming from Sweden, where if you smile at people they think there is something wrong with you. Not everywhere is dangerous. It is only in certain areas, Read More

Eating the culture in. What is typical Honduran food?

Have you ever wondered what is typical Honduran food? Are you looking to visit? Are you wondering if there is a difference between the food cultures within Central America? If you continue reading, you will find there is a rich food culture that needs to be tried. The thing to realize is that typical Honduran Read More

Don Udos Hotel review – Copan Ruinas, Honduras [Not an ad]

I have mentioned before that I visited Honduras and I made a stop at the Mayan Ruins. We stayed in the nearby town called Copan Ruinas, which lies in a mountainous range and is about 10 minutes away from the ruins. We ended up staying at Hotel Don Udos, which was recommended by another family Read More