How to graduate debt-free from university

Disclaimer: *This article may contain affiliate links* I’m not a licensed investment advisor. Also, I’m not a tax advisor and this is NOT tax advice. Please talk to a licensed investment advisor before making any investment or financial decisions. Please talk to a licensed tax advisor before making any tax decisions. Introduction We all know Read More

How to save money this Lent

I do not talk about religion but I was raised Catholic and attended religious schools and had to actively participate in all seasons, especially Lent. I am also not really a practicing Catholic, aside from the major religious holidays as the good-old-fashioned Catholic guilt begins to reappear once again. So, I attend religious holidays during Read More

Networth not rising quickly enough? Look at your lifestyle choices.

So, what can I do? This is a hack in raising your networth quickly, however, it is not spoken about enough. Focus on your lifestyle choices and bring those down instead of worrying about your investments not compounding quickly. For example, saving $300 a month on rent puts an extra $3600 in your pocket. While Read More

Medical Tourism. What is it?

In the basic sense, it is when people travel abroad to seek medical treatment. Typically to less-developed countries. These countries tend to offer similar services but at a lower cost. This is widely done in the U.S. particularly of recent immigrants who still have familial ties to the old country. Medical tourism can work in Read More

Need new furniture? Check out the dumpster first

Or the recycling bins in your area. Other advice is to check out the nearby thrift or discount stores but nothing really beats free. A lot of great pieces get thrown out instead of sold or donated. This is especially true in college towns. Several stories of great items being thrown out are found in Read More

How to Harness the Power of Compounding Interest

Some of you will know what DR stands for, for those who do not know it is Dave Ramsey. Now, I know posting this is a bit crazy… since I know there are many die-hard fans out there. I do not dislike his baby steps but they do not work for me. As I mention Read More