Build wealth through side-hustles – Sweden and abroad

*This article contains affiliate links, so I might earn commission on them, which is also a set of side-hustles. * We live in gig-economy and there are many opportunities to find or create your own set of side-hustles. Side-hustles allow you to make additional income and supplement your main income. Some have been able to Read More

Networth not rising quickly enough? Look at your lifestyle choices.

So, what can I do? This is a hack in raising your networth quickly, however, it is not spoken about enough. Focus on your lifestyle choices and bring those down instead of worrying about your investments not compounding quickly. For example, saving $300 a month on rent puts an extra $3600 in your pocket. While Read More

Christmas Market at Drottningholm Palace – Stockholm

*Disclaimer: This article may contain links to other articles or webpages and affiliate links or codes. This past weekend was one of the many Christmas Markets in Stockholm. They were everywhere- Gamla Stan, Kungsträdgården, and Drottningholm Palace. I visited the latter this weekend. I have been to the others in previous years and I did Read More