Eating the culture in. What is typical Honduran food?

Have you ever wondered what is typical Honduran food? Are you looking to visit? Are you wondering if there is a difference between the food cultures within Central America? If you continue reading, you will find there is a rich food culture that needs to be tried. The thing to realize is that typical Honduran Read More

The best Vegetarian Lasagna ever!

During the last excavation season, we were told that we had to cook for a couple of days throughout the season. I had this recipe ready to go! It was so popular that I had several people asking me for the recipe. So, I wrote something quickly and sent it off. Then, I decided I Read More

The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Foodie’s guide to Stockholm

Now, most of these are not on a list for the best restaurants or food joints in Stockholm, but they should be. These are my absolute favorites, either I frequent them because of they’re quick and cheap or proximity to where I live/work. Hermans This is a vegetarian restaurant but do not let that fact Read More

Debt Free Journey – Zero Waste

This is a hot-topic movement. Many millennials are living minimalist lives and are becoming conscious about how wasteful habits are affecting the environment. For instance, plastic bottles ending up in landfills and not being recycled properly. As a self- professed foodie, I realized that great food is something I am not willing to fully give Read More