Why I am increasing my Allergan position

*This is not investment advice, as I am not a certified planner. Invest at your own risk*

So, it is widely known that a merger between Allergan ($AGN) and Abbvie ($ABBV) is going to happen sometime in early 2020. I have spoken about this merger in another blog post, and other analysts are also talking about increasing their position.

Allergan and Abbvie are both health stocks and the latter is considered a blue-chip stock with a yield of over 4%.

We are nearing the final days of the merger and the share price, before the market on 2/3/2020, was below $188.24. So that means, it is still profitable.

A recently circulated employee notice indicates an early February close.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. The dividend record date for AGN is still 2/14/2020. This means that there might still be a little time.

However, I am buying more because it is essentially like buying ABBV on a bargain.

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