Read here on how to save money on international transfer fees [Ad]

*This article contains affiliate links* Do you transfer money internationally on a regular basis and have to pay the banks a lot of money for a transfer. Of both fees to send and receive and in addition the wire-transfer fee. I am an expat and I regularly send money to the US from Sweden. At Read More

Are you eligible for a $20,000 payout? The Equifax breach settlement

I am not sure if many of you remember the Equifax breach, where millions of Americans information was impacted. A class-action settlement has been filed and submitted to the Court. Equifax denies any wrongdoing. A reader sent me this link below: If you file a claim, by January 22, 2020, you might be eligible Read More

Why FIRE, Why Debt Freedom. Why?

What is my ‘why?’ I was fifteen when my island was ravaged by 4 hurricanes in a row. Ruining the crops and further crippling the tourism industry. Then, I came of age in 2008. These two events in my life were a wake-up call. My ‘2008’ had happened years earlier so by the time the Read More

Iffley Village

The other day I was a little stressed from my dissertation and I followed my father’s advice and went cycling. I had heard that a few minute cycle ride from Donnington bridge is a quaint little village named Iffley Village. It is a small village just outside of Oxford and is quintessentially English. The Thames Read More

We didn’t stoke the flame, but we started the FIRE

As I have written before FIRE is ‘financial independence, retire early.’ However, why do people pursue this? What are the reasons? Dave Ramsey always says ‘Live like no one else, so you can live like NO ONE else.’ While he is best known for his advice on becoming debt-free, his methods and mentality are also Read More

How to eliminate overdraft fees once and for all

Are you experiencing a lot of overdraft fees or fees in general from your bank? Now, they can really be upsetting. Here are some tips for you to prevent them from happening. Once you start incorporating these tips then building your budget is the next step. 1. Set up an alert. If you speak to Read More

How to Harness the Power of Compounding Interest

Some of you will know what DR stands for, for those who do not know it is Dave Ramsey. Now, I know posting this is a bit crazy… since I know there are many die-hard fans out there. I do not dislike his baby steps but they do not work for me. As I mention Read More

9 Millennial spending habits that are financial wastes

Financial waste is where money is not used intentionally. This is where money slips through the cracks of your budget. Figuring out where these cracks are will help your budget as every dollar/pound/euro/ will have a job. This is an updated version of the ones I have seen in the past. Especially since many people Read More