How to track your Net Worth?

First, track your net worth by adding up all your assets and all your debt and then subtracting the assets from the debt. This will give you your Net Worth and also give a picture of your financial health and it says a lot more than the numbers in your bank account. For many years Read More

What is ‘FIRE’?

Simply put, it is an acronym meaning Financial Independence, Retire Early. This movement has gained traction among Millennials and it is a fairly popular financial topic in blogs, podcasts, etc. It is the act of living below your means. Ideally, paying off all expensive debt and saving as much of your paycheck as possible. It Read More

Recent Read

In the U.S. there is what is known as a ‘student loan crisis.’ It was at approximately $1.52 trillion in 2018, owed by 44.2 million borrowers. These are my cohorts. The U.S. government is now realizing that this is an economic issue, since many borrowers are delaying large lifetime purchases. I read an article today Read More


Hello readers, I am an Archaeologist but I spent some time as a banker. I learned more about finances while in the position than I ever did in my Econ. Anthro. courses. I have returned to archaeology but am still applying the lessons I learned to my every day life. Prior to entering this banking Read More