How can a graduate student improve their finances this year

Graduate students sometimes have a difficult time while pursuing advanced degrees. This is considering that on top of conducting high quality research, they also have to apply for grants to ensure funding. This period has a steep learning curve, both academically and financially. As a graduate student, you learn how to create budgets for grant Read More

How to take a mini-retirement and why should you?

The first time I heard about this concept was through a Ted Talk by Lacey Filipich. Essentially, instead of waiting for traditional retirement age or retiring early, you take these small ones during your career.  This is somewhat similar to what professors have done for decades. They take a sabbatical.  Essentially taking an extended leave of absence, Read More

House Hacking Guide

*Disclaimer: This house hacking guide is not financial advice, please do your own research prior to attempting. What is House Hacking? Unless you have been living under a rock then you have possibly heard of this. There are many different parts to it and it can really fit any household and any country really. The Read More

Travel hacking. What is it and what are the two ‘secret’ ways you can do it?

What is Travel Hacking? You’ve heard of house hacking but what is travel hacking? This is not a new concept as its conception was the frequent flyer program in the 1970s. The basic idea is to take advantage of a travel situation to make it more cost-effective. Especially to earn free flights, hotels, and rental Read More

How to graduate debt-free from university

Disclaimer: *This article may contain affiliate links* I’m not a licensed investment advisor. Also, I’m not a tax advisor and this is NOT tax advice. Please talk to a licensed investment advisor before making any investment or financial decisions. Please talk to a licensed tax advisor before making any tax decisions. Introduction We all know Read More